Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Box Break in Review

The boxes have been broken, scanned, posted, and commentated, so it's time for a little review.

2008 Topps Allen and Ginter Box 1 Report Card:

Box Loader: 5/10 - I like the D-Day card, but I'd really prefer a baseball related cabinet card.
Base Cards: 10/10 - No dupes and they took a huge chunk out of my want list. 13/50 SPs is one better than expected.
Inserts: 9/10 - I got a Bazooka mini and a Pioneers of Aviation mini. The Cuddyer mini makes it almost perfect.
Hits: 6/10 - I got the guaranteed 2, but there was nothing spectacular about them.

Best Card: Pioneers of Aviation Aerodrome mini.  The card fits me for several reasons and is also a pretty tough pull.

Worst Card: Bigfoot. Everyone know the real Monster Truck Champion is Grave Digger.

Final Grade:  A&G is like sex.  Even when it's bad, it's still really good.

2008 Topps Allen and Ginter Box 2 Report Card:

Box Loader: 7/10 - N43's are becoming less and less spectacular and more and more of a storage burden.  Prince Fielder is a decent card nonetheless.
Base Cards: 7/10 - No dupes in the box, though there were many dupes when combined with box 1. 12/50 SPs is as expected.
Inserts: 5/10 - Nothing spectacular in the box, but the minis were pretty good.  Too many States repeats from Box 1.
Hits: 9/10 - I know I got 2 more than expected, but a 10 would be reserved for a Rip Card or really rare relic/auto. I think 9 is fair.  The three relics were above average and the auto was pretty good.

Best Card: Francisco Cordero Framed Autograph. When it comes to A&G, you can't beat the autos.

Worst Card: Stevie Williams.  I'm a fan of skateboarding, but I can easily think of a dozen skateboarders more worthy of a card than Stevie.  At first I thought it was Steve Williams, as in Tiger's former caddy, which would have been awesome.

Final Grade: A-   Bonus hits rock, but nothing really blew my skirt up. These two were worth the money, but I won't be picking up any more of these anytime soon since I should be able to finish the base/States through trades and otherwise.

2008 UD A Piece of History Box 1 Report Card:

Base Cards (1-100): 10/10 - 56/100 and no dupes.  That's a win to get half of the set.
Rookies (101-150): 9/10 - 25/50 and 1 dupe. Again, half the set is nice.  The dupe prevents perfection, though.
Historical (151-200): 9/10 - 25/50 and 1 dupe.  See above.
Inserts: 6/10 - Nice cards all around and a few #'ed to less than 100, but the /25 was Adam Dunn.
Hits: 10/10 - Getting the guaranteed hits is always nice, especially when the Auto is one of the best of checklist.  Getting a bonus hit in the last pack that is a dual jersey is just plain awesome.

Best Card: Andruw Jones Matt Holliday Cut From the Same Cloth Dual Jersey /99. I love the card design and the fact that the swatches are different colors, even if they are just white and gray.

Worst Card: Adam Dunn Timeless Moments Silver #/25.  It's hard to call a low-numbered card the worst, but Dunn has been awful this year.  I know this card is from a different time and team, but there are much better names on the Timeless Moments checklist.
Final Grade: A   The base cards, inserts, and hits were all very appealing and successful. This was an all-around good box.

2008 UD A Piece of History Box 2 Report Card:

Base Cards (1-100): 6/10 - 51/100, 8 dupes and 1 triple (even if it was David Wright), a number of the base cards were dupes of box 1 cards as well. This box was wierd with al of the 9-card packs and such. I didn't complete the set with 2 boxes.
Rookies (101-150): 6/10 - 20/50 and 6 dupes. Less than half and a handful of dupes. Still no set.
Historical (151-200): 6/10 - 21/50 and 5 dupes.  See above.
Inserts: 10/10 - 6 cards #'ed to less than 100, three of which were #/25.  A number of other excellent inserts, too.
Hits: 11/10 - Joe frickin DiMaggio. 

Best Card: Joe DiMaggio Yankee Stadium Memorabilia. Pretty sure I don't need to justify this one.

Worst Card: Alex Gordon.  This card must have been run through a blender before it hit the pack.  All of the cards were in stellar condition except for this one.  Chunk missing from the side, crazy crease down the middle, and it had Alex Gordon on it.

Final Grade: A+++++++++++   I will absolutely be getting more of these; these two were so much fun. 2008 APOH is on my birthday list, and if no one buys them for me, I'm totally buying some for myself.

I'd say that was a successful set of boxes.


The Lost Collector said...
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The Lost Collector said...

That DiMaggio is amazing. Sweet pull!

Play at the Plate said...

Off the top of my head, I don't remember which one I have, but if you want a baseball cabinet card for that D- Day one, I have one from this year. The history major in me loves the DDay card.

cynicalbuddha said...

Amen to the N43 Storage problem. I feel the same way about book cards and the new Lineage Super box toppers. There great but hard to store and protect. Oh and if you have a bunch of extra 2008 A & G check out my need list and we can work on a trade.

SpastikMooss said...

GRAVE DIGGER!!! I used to have a ton of Monster Truck cards because I watched it as a card solely to see Grave Digger.

dawgbones said...

Grave Digger may be the best, but Bigfoot will always be the first!! Old School Rules. If you don't want/need the Bigfoot, I'd love to have it.