Sunday, September 18, 2011

2008 UD A Piece of History Hobby Break Box 1 Part 2

Halfway through the box and halfway through the hits.  We should see another Memorabilia card and an Auto in this part.

Pack 9:
149 Ross Detwiler RC
181 Franklin Discovers Electricity
135 Dave Davidson RC
CSC-SM Schilling/Martinez Cut From the Same Cloth #473/799
68 Phil Hughes
29 Matt Holliday
94 Josh Hamilton
56 Justin Morneau

Pack 10:
167 Eiffel Tower
139 Eugenio Velez RC
154 Columbus Discovers America
31 Todd Helton Red #122/149
95 Vernon Wells
17 Grady Sizemore
43 Hunter Pence
YSL5873 David Wells Yankee Stadium Legacy

>>> Another David Wells YSL card is upstaged by a nice red Helton.

Pack 11:
125 Sam Fuld RC
182 Creation of the Internet
112 Joey Votto RC
TM-48 Chris Carpenter Timeless Moments #243/699
82 Tim Lincecum
4 Chris B. Young
69 Mariano Rivera
30 Troy Tulowitzki

>>> Votto is the best rookie in the bunch easily.  I'm not too ecstatic about the player position as the box filler in the Timeless Moments cards.  It looks good on the position player cards, but not so much on the pitchers.

Pack 12:
196 Lewis and Clark
126 Mitch Stetter RC
169 New York City Subway Opens
140 Erick Threets RC
48 Victor Martinez
87 Troy Glaus
9 Brian McCann
CSC-JD Matsuzaka/Varitek Cut From the Same Cloth Silver #066/149

>>> Usually, the CFSC cards are of two pitchers or two position players, but this one is more in line with the Franchise Members insert.  Still, the silver parallel version looks very nice. I've said it before, but these card look great with the foil team logos.  UD also did a great job offsetting the SN on one side with the UD logo on the other. 

Pack 13:
158 Gettysburg Address
144 Rob Johnson RC
172 USS Enterprise Aircraft Carrier
FM4-8 Ortiz/Thomas/Sheffield/Thome Franchise Members 4 #771/799
TM-45 Felix Hernandez Timeless Moments Jersey
86 Ichiro Suzuki
7 John Smoltz
72 Cole Hamels
33 Justin Verlander

>>> 77 seasons and 2,010 HR and counting on one card.  That's insane.  King Felix is awful nice as well. Just the auto remains.

Pack 14:
130 Ian Kennedy RC
177 Boston Tea Party
102 Bill Murphy RC
101 Emilio Bonifacio RC Autograph #315/499
59 David Wright
98 Frank Thomas
20 Curt Schilling
YSL5898 Derek Jeter Yankee Stadium Legacy

>>> I can't complain about pulling one of the best RC Autos in the set. The signature is a little briefm but still interesting.  I'm a little jealous that no one has ever wanted me to sign over top of my junk. So there's all the guaranteed hits for this box. Oh yeah, there was a Jeter YSL in there, too, as well as one of 4 David Wright base cards I got in two boxes.

Pack 15:
163 Television Invented
116 Harvey Garcia RC
191 History of Nobel Prize
SS20 CC Sabathia Stadium Scenes #594/699
85 Felix Hernandez
46 Torii Hunter
16 Dustin Pedroia
55 Joe Mauer

>>> In 2008, I would have recommended that they scrap the Stadium Scenes cards.  However, in 2009, they knocked it out of the park.

Pack 16:
121 J.R. Towles RC
153 Signing of Declaration of Independence
107 Kevin Hart RC
195 The Supreme Court
CSC-HJ Jones/Holliday Cut From the Same Cloth Jersey #75/99
81 Barry Zito
3 Justin Upton
42 Carlos Lee
TM-15 Adam Dunn Timeless Moments Silver #15/25

>>> Hell yeah! Bonus hit Dual Jersey AND a /25 insert! I told you this box was sweet. Ok, so the CFSC cards are cool enough, but add two swatches, and I'm an even bigger fan. The "OF" in the box on the Dunn looks much better than the "P" on the pitcher cards.

So, box #1 pretty much kicked ass.  For those of you keeping a tally, that's 2+4+5=11 hits.  That means 6 hits for the last box.  That means 2 bonus hits.  That means awesome.

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