Friday, September 30, 2011

I won Super Bowl XXV !!!

Well, sort of.  Matt of Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius had a contest to give away some Pro Set Super Bowl XXV Silver Anniversary Commemorative Card Sets.  All I had to do was say who would win Super Bowl XLVI.  I said Patriots, by which I meant Bills...obviously.  Anyway, the randomizer pulled my name and a few days later, I had my set. 

The set is fantastic, definitely worth dropping a couple bucks for on eBay or at a card show.  It starts of with some ticket reprints:

followed by a nice set of Super Bowl dudes:

Those were my three favorite cards.  Roger Craig appears to have broken the ankles of a few Dolphins.  Dave Casper looks like he's going to just drag the Vikings to the end zone.  The Winston Hill makes me laugh because it looks like he has a tiny arm throwing the ball.  There's also a sign in the background that has a couple of hard to read letters.  I think it says "Old Jake's Pork Tavern".  I could be wrong.  If that's not right, then somebody really needs to create an Old Jake's Pork Tavern. I would eat there.

The next part of the set had some great Spuer Bowl Moments:

I love the Jim O'Brien card.  The look of excitement is so genuine and the crowd background is so clear.  I scanned the second card because it's the only Jets card worth keeping...zing!

The highlight of the set, though, is the nine card puzzle at the end:

Panini needs to look to this set for inspiration for their football products.  Top to bottom, this set is awesome. 

Thanks, Matt!

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