Thursday, September 1, 2011


This card arrived in the mail the other day, and my first thought was, "hey, that looks familiar."  It looked familiar because it was #85 in Thorzul's 100 Best Finds in a 30-Dollar Box series which sadly just came to an end. Along with the card was a note:

Despite Thorzul's dissappointing lack of teacher handwriting, I was able to decypher the note into:

"Apparently Dawgbones thinks I am a f$&#ing shipping service."

...or something like that.  So Dawgbones had the card Thorzulivered to me (without Thorzulivery Confirmation in a plain white Thorzulope...slacker! at least it came in a Thorzuloader).  Apparently, Dawgbones so loved the Phillies and Mantles I sent him that, in addition to the other stuff he sent, he felt I should have the 2009 Upper Deck X Justin Upton jersey shown above.  I'm cool with that. 

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dawgbones said...

Glad you like the relic. Will email the explanation... and a big thanks against for all the Phillies and the Cabinet Card.