Thursday, September 15, 2011

2008 Allen and Ginter Hobby Break Box 2 Part 3

It's 2008 A&G finale time.  After 16 packs, we've got 3 hits.  Since the box guarantees 2, I've got no expectations for these last 8 packs. 

Pack 17:
120 Derek Jeter
68 Frank Thomas
132 Gary Matthews
185 Carlos Pena
200 David Ortiz Mini
US43 Adam Dunn US States
59 Nicky Hayden
11 Michael Cuddyer

Pack 18:
204 Julio Lugo
150 Johan Santana
85 Curtis Granderson
339 Jack Cust Short Print
124 Greg Maddux Mini A&G Back
US9 Lastings Milledge US States
137 Annie Oakley
107 Matt Biondi

Pack 19:
239 Brian Bannister
270 Lance Berkman
191 Francisco Cordero
52 Carlos Delgado
140 Jimmy Rollins Mini
AGR-MK Matt Kemp Framed Relic
292 Elijah Dukes
83 Masahide Kobayashi

>>> Well I'll be darned.  A fourth hit puts this box over the top.  An MVP candidate, no less. 2/6 hits are Dodgers, too.  That doesn't happen to me too often.

Pack 20:
57 Ben Sheets
131 Todd Helton
27 Brad Hawpe
194 Melvin Mora
WL24 Yasuo Fukuda World Leaders
US50 John Buck US States
178 Jose Vidro
232 Davy Crockett

>>> Close to Korean leader Lee Myung-Bak, but no cigar.

Pack 21:
67 Kevin Kouzmanoff
20 Vladimir Guerrero
110 Chase Utley
64 Brad Penny
WGV-19 Bill Mazeroski World's Greatest Victories
1 Alex Rodriguez Mini A&G Back
US27 Alex Gordon US States
73 Tadahito Iguchi

>>> I wonder how many cards Topps has produced of this same picture?

Pack 22:
161 Randy Winn
116 Mariano Rivera
152 Lyle Overbay
320 Dmitri Young Short Print
126 Chris Young Mini
US20 Mark Teixeira US States
189 "Rampage" Jackson
182 Nate McLouth

Pack 23:
211 Josh Hamilton
274 John Smoltz
206 Jeff Francoeur
333 Coco Crisp Short Print
71 Fausto Carmona Mini A&G Back
US2 Curt Schilling US States
172 Pablo Picasso
295 Chone Figgins

Pack 24:
149 Freddy Sanchez
60 Prince Fielder
127 Billy Butler
309 Ryan Church Short Print
330 Luke Hochevar Mini SP A&G Back
US13 Curtis Granderson US States
103 Kerri Strug
84 Bonnie Blair

>>> A Mini A&G Back SP Hochevar RC is a decent way to finish out a pretty dang good pair of boxes. 

So, we are 6 hits in to the 17 hits I told you about.  That means 11 hits in two boxes of 2008 UD A Piece of History.  They guarantee 4 apiece.  Oh, this is going to be fun.


dawgbones said...

Are you kidding, Cuddyer, Annie Oakley, Mini J-Roll, Davy Crockett, Chase Utley, Kerri Strug, plus the Kemp swatch, Good stuff indeed. Way to finish strong, and I see why this box beat the first one!!

Greg Zakwin said...

I'd be more than happy to take Matty off of your hands if you aren't attached to it.

Eric L said...

If you ever want to part with the Hochevar mini, I'm pretty sure I can round something up to send your way.

Spankee said...

@ Greg Zakwin

The Tulo and the Kemp have been set aside for you.

@ Eric L

The Hochevar has been set aside for you.