Sunday, September 11, 2011

2008 Allen and Ginter Hobby Break Box 1 Part 2

The Bazooka mini in Part 1 was nice, but I'm still loking for my two guaranteed hits.

Pack 9:
120 Derek Jeter
68 Frank Thomas
267 Andrew Miller
235 Dan Haren
331 Luis Castillo Short Print
215 Aaron Harang Mini
US24 Dmitri Young US States
114 Trevor Hoffman

Pack 10:
35 Eric Byrnes
186 Jarrod Saltalamacchia
180 Ryan Braun
93 David Eckstein
62 Dustin Pedroia Mini
US29 Chris Carpenter US States
92 Dan Jansen
82 Jayson Nix

Pack 11:
75 Travis Hafner
51 Brian McCann
10 Manny Ramirez
349 Frank Morris Short Print
262 Mark Spitz Mini A&G Back
US4 Torii Hunter US States
296 Hideki Okajima
227 Frederick Douglass

Pack 12:
138 Andy Pettitte
193 Edwin Encarnacion
188 Kelly Johnson
49 Shane Victorino Mini
US49 Pat Neshek US States
268 Dean Karnazes
279 Jim Edmonds
276 Oscar Wilde

>>> Okay, so halfway through the box and no hits yet.  In fact, these past 4 packs have been pretty underwhelming.

Pack 13:
62 Dustin Pedroia
79 Jose Guillen
257 Luis Gonzalez
30 Miguel Cabrera
346 Brandon Boggs Short Print
209 Clete Thomas Mini A&G Back
US45 Daric Barton US States
197 Bigfoot

Pack 14:
66 Joe Mauer
140 Jimmy Rollins
76 Jim Thome
156 Delmon Young
18 James Loney Mini
AGR-JK Jeff Kent Framed Relic
172 Pablo Picasso
295 Chone Figgins

>>> And the first hit of my boxes is for the Dodgers with a Jeff Kent bat relic.  Nothing to write home about, but at least I've seen the first hit.

Pack 15:
190 Grady Sizemore
234 Jered Weaver
43 Rickie Weeks
338 Placido Polanco Short Print
193 Edwin Encarnacion Mini
US40 Orlando Hudson US States
189 "Rampage" Jackson
182 Nate McLouth

Pack 16:
178 Jose Vidro
73 Tadahito Iguchi
US8 Ian Snell US States
217 Friedrich Nietzsche Mini A&G Back
153 Clay Buchholz
277 Dontrelle Willis
95 Garret Atkins
326 Adam Kennedy Short Print

>>> Part was not spectacular by any means, so I'm hoping for a strong finish.


Greg Zakwin said...

Could you set the Kent aside for me?

Spankee said...

@ Greg Zakwin


Greg Zakwin said...

Gracias good sir.

Kevin said...

The jeff Kent is sweet for the razor shades alone.