Monday, September 12, 2011

2008 Allen and Ginter Hobby Break Box 1 Part 3

Time to close out Box #1 of 2008 Topps Allen and Ginter. We've seen a Bazooka mini in Part 1 and a relic in Part 2, so we should see a relic here.

Pack 17:
280 Brandon Webb
70 Matt Holliday
2 Juan Pierre
317 Geoff Jenkins Short Print
PA5 Aerodrome Pioneers of Aviation
US2 Curt Schilling US States
154 Jesse Carlson
273 Jay Bruce

>>> As far as I'm concerned, that Aerodrome might as well be a hit.  It's probably the rarest of the minis that I know of, not to mention that it is aerospace related, which is the field that I work.  Add to that the fact that the Aerodrome was the work of Samuel Pierpont Langley (namesake of the place I work) and I'm happy as a clam.  Of course, I really want the other 4 Pioneers of Aviation cards now.

Pack 18:
81 Vernon Wells
211 Josh Hamilton
91 Scott Rolen
163 Jeremy Hermida
55 Josh Beckett Mini Black
US20 Mark Teixeira US States
217 Friedrich Nietzsche
286 Pat Burrell

>>> I had forgotten what a patternless black border mini looked like since I opened so much 2011 A&G.

Pack 19:
161 Randy Winn
116 Mariano Rivera
240 Magglio Ordonez
303 Jason Bay Short Print
58 Johnny Damon Mini
AGR-CC1 Carl Crawford Framed Relic
252 Callix Crabbe
233 Pluto

>>> And there's hit #2.  Another decent relic, and another one featuring shades.  Carl looks a lot angry than Jeff Kent, though. Sure, he's in Rays gear, but I gotta think this card somewhat carries on the A&G Red Sox thing I've got going on.  Who was my black border mini above? That's right, Josh Beckett, Red Sox. 

Pack 20:
67 Kevin Kouzmanoff
20 Vladimir Guerrero
31 Ryan Zimmerman
113 Curt Schilling
191 Francisco Cordero Mini
US27 Alex Gordon US States
22 Chin-Lung Hu
128 Golden Gate Bridge

>>> Woohoo Zim! Woohoo Golden Gate Bridge.  Woohoo Kevin Kouzmanoff. Why Kouz? Because the A's dumped him to the minors to bring in Scott Sizemore. 

Pack 21:
57 Ben Sheets
131 Todd Helton
203 Jhonny Peralta
263 Yadier Molina
314 Mike Cameron Short Print
307 Pat Neshek Mini SP
US50 John Buck US States
147 James Fenimore Cooper

Pack 22:
239 Brian Bannister
270 Lance Berkman
143 J.J. Hardy
302 Brad Lidge Short Print
180 Ryan Braun Mini
US9 Lastings Milledge US States
291 Rich Thompson
290 Ken Griffey Jr.

Pack 23:
149 Freddy Sanchez
236 Alex Gordon
220 Erik Bedard
184 Felix Hernandez
WL16 Konstandinos Karamanlis World Leaders
US13 Curtis Granderson US States
224 Johnny Cueto
157 Ross Ohlendorf

>>> I got a Greek dude, in A&G, and it's not a god.  That's gotta be worth something.  I really want the Lee Myung-Bak of South Korea card.  I've been there, and seen him in person. 

Pack 24:
204 Julio Lugo
150 Johan Santana
40 Justin Upton
17 Kenji Johjima
317 Geoff Jenkins Mini SP
US43 Adam Dunn US States
98 Kazuo Fukumori
300 Ryan Howard

>>> And Justin Upton brings the box to a close. 

Not too shabby at all.  I got the guaranteed two relics in Crawford and Kent, and also managed to pull a couple rare minis with the Bazooka Drew and the Aerodrome.  Don't forget, this was the worst of my 4 boxes.

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dawgbones said...

that aerodome is too frickin schweet!!! Never knew who Langley was named after either. I'd love to make a trade for that Neshek if you're not keeping it. I noticed a few Phils in the mix as well. I might end up with a Zim Diamond cut from the Giveaway too...

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