Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Football Contest: Season in Review

The regular season is in the wraps, but before we move on to playoffs, I want to give a recap of the regular season.

I kept a pretty in-depth team stat sheet which you can check out here. Here are some of the highlights:

Points Scored:
   High: Giants 84
   Low: Panthers 34

Points Against:
   Low: Broncos 40
   High: Bills 94

   High: Giants +36
   Low: Browns -35

   High: Tie 12 (Broncos, Giants)
   Low: Tie 3 (Raiders, Titans)

As for the Divisions:

Points Scored:
   High: AFC East 279
   Low: NFC South 185

Points Against:
   Low: NFC South 202
   High: AFC East 262

   High: AFC East +17
   Low: Tie -17 (AFC South, NFC South)

   High: NFC West 35
   Low: AFC West 29

The NFC (132-124) had a better record than the AFC.

The Ravens, Lions, Patriots, Giants, and Rams all had 7-game winning streaks.  The Panthers had a league-worst 8-game losing streak.

I went through each team and picked an Offensive MVP, Defensive MVP, and ROY:

The players in bold red were finalists for league awards. 
Finally, here are the league awards:

2013 NFL Offensive MVP:

Steven Jackson, Rams

2013 NFL Defensive MVP:

Ray Lewis, Ravens

2013 NFL Rookie of the Year:

LaMichael James, 49ers

Check back on Thursday, July 11 at 5:01 PM ET for the preview of Wild Card weekend.

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