Sunday, July 14, 2013

Football Contest: Cardinals vs. Falcons

The winner of this matchup will go on to face the top-seeded Giants.

First up are the Falcons:

QB play is crucial in the playoffs. 2 points.

Even rookie backups can make a difference.  5 points.

Finally, you have to have a complete offense to go the distance.  10 points.

Falcons 10

Let's see if the Cardinals follow the same formula.

Larry Fitz is still a beast, and a pair or young guns help.  3 points.

The Cardinals also go with 2 QBs.  7 points

The Cardinals turn to a hot rookie on defense.  10 points. Tie ballgame.

The Cardinals show that rookies truly do make a difference.  19 points.

Cardinals 19
Cardinals Win!

The divisional round is now set:

Check back on Thursday at 5:01 PM ET for the schedule.

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Dennis said...

Let me know when you're ready to swap wantlist cards from this set