Saturday, July 13, 2013

Football Contest: Jaguars vs. Patriots

Playoff time in the My Cardboard Mistress world!

The first matchup sees the #3 Patriots taking on the #6 Jaguars.

Here are the Patriots cards:

You had to know Brady was going to make his presence felt. +5 points.

Especially since he's got a good arsenal to throw to. Patriots now have 8 points.

Don't forget the running game.  This card is pretty sweet.  9 points now.

Lastly, the Patriots hit one of the retro RCs:

The photos on these rookies aren't the best, but I'm a fan of the design.

Patriots 12

On to the Jaguars:

He's no Brady. 2 points.

MJD is a stud, though. 6 points.

Odd picture, but cool nonetheless.  8 points.

Another couple of points for the Jags. 10 points with one card to go...

Another Blackmon appearance ties the game at 12 at the end of regulation.

Jaguars 12

Time for a sudden death pack.

The first nine cards didn't yield a Pat or Jag:

Sweet Landry Jones, though.

And then...

The 10th card in the pack...

It's not often an offensive lineman scores the game winner!

Jaguars win!

The best thing about this is that the Jaguars were the last team chosen before the season started.  Here is the quote from the email Robert sent me to claim them:

"Jags it is!! Looking forward to my 0-16!"

Well, Robert, you certainly didn't go 0-16.  You'll have to try to keep your run alive against the top-seeded Broncos next weekend.

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