Tuesday, July 16, 2013

2008 Upper Deck X Blaster

I'm a sucker for 2008 Upper Deck X.  I'm trying to complete the master set (base, die cut, gold die cut, X1, X2, X3, X4).  I once considered the relic and auto sets, but Griffey, Jeter, and Longoria (RC) halted that idea.  Check my want list to see if you have anything I need.

I think I own about a dozen of each of these at this point.

If I hadn't sold a lot of these a year ago on eBay, I'd probably be close to finishing the die cut set for a second time.  The die cuts are pretty nice, especially this one:

I got one gold die cut, and it was one I needed:

Now at 38% completion...inching along...
This is a 2008 product, so it had YSL cards:

As for the Xponentials:

X1.  I need 28 more of these for the set.

X2.  Bay and Thome were new to me.  28 to go here, too.

X3, I needed this one...woohoo! Only 7 to go!
X4.  I only need Soriano.
 Every blaster guarantees a memorabilia card. Mine wasn't spectacular:
 Oh well.  I still hit some cards I needed.


Ana Lu said...

Share the like for the set too. What about the 2009 X set?

Spankee said...

I like 2009, but not as much. The 2008 set looks good in a binder with Base, Die Cut, and Gold Die Cut in each row for each player. The lopsided die cuts in 2009 aren't as nice in my opinion. The Xponentials are nice, too.