Saturday, July 13, 2013

Football Contest: Lions vs. Packers

With one Wild Card game in the book, we look at the 3-6 matchup on the other side of the bracket.

The Packers beat the Lions twice this season on their way to a division championship.  Let's see what the Packers brought this week:

You knew this guy would be involved.  6 points right off the bat.

He needed a target...10 points.

Wow, Finley is all over the place.  16 points.

Last card:

Packers 19

That's going to be an awfully tough score to beat.

Stafford has something to say about that.  2 points.

Can the Lions pull off the upset and "Slay" the Pack? 5 points.

A solid cast bumps the Lions up to 8 points, but that's all they could muster.

Lions 8

Packers Win!

The Packers will now face the Rams next weekend.

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