Sunday, July 21, 2013

Football Contest: Cardinals vs. Giants

The winner here will meet the Rams in the conference championship game.  The Cardinals beat the Falcons in an upset to face the NFC's best team, the Giants. 

Cardinals are away, so they go first.

2 points
2 points
The 2010 GG blaster didn't have many rookies in it, but the Cardinals managed to snag one.

2 points

Maybe not the most efficient way to scan 2 cards, oh well.

Rookies are always good to pull - 4 points

1 point
1 point

You don't see a ton of kicker cards.  Will he be the difference?

Cardinals 12

Offense - 2 points
Defense - 2 points
Glossy badass insert - 3 points

4 points

That helps.

1 points
Tie ball game...but the Giants have one more card:

Glossy Osi - 2 points, and a win,

Giants 14
Giants Win!

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