Saturday, July 20, 2013

Football Contest: Jaguars vs. Broncos

The Jaguars squeaked out an upset in sudden death over the mighty Patriots last week.  This week, they face the AFC's best team, the Broncos. 

Broncos are the home team, so they'll go last.

3 points for 2010 Gridiron Gear

2 points for 2010 Score
2 points for 2011 GG
Boring Gabbert Insert...2 points nonetheless

Badass card...but only 1 point.

Lastly, 2 points for a glossy parallel

Jaguars 12

2 points
2 points
Well, the Jags did better in 2010.  How about 2011?

2 points
With just 2011 Score left, the Broncos need 6 points to push OT, 7 points to win.

1 base card, 1 point
Eddie Royal base card, 2 points for a former Hokie
Glossy parallel, 2 points
The Broncos got one more card, and fortunately for them, it's a rookie.

RC, 2 points
Broncos 13

Broncos win!


Josh D. said...

Rashean Mathis hair should be worth about 9 points.

Robert said...

Yes, definitely better than 0-16!!

Great fun, and a great series of posts.