Thursday, July 11, 2013

Football Contest: Schedule, Scoring, and Loser's Bracket

The playoffs start this weekend with the four Wild Card matchups.

Instead of showing all of the games on Sunday, I will spread them out in four individual posts. Here is the schedule:

Saturday, July 13 - 12:01 PM ET - Jaguars at Patriots
Saturday, July 13 - 5:01 PM ET - Lions at Packers
Sunday, July 14 - 12:01 PM ET - Dolphins at Ravens
Sunday, July 14 - 5:01 PM ET - Cardinals at Falcons

In addition to the main playoffs, I am also going to be keeping a losers bracket for all of those who did not make the playoffs.  The winner of the losers bracket will also get some kind of prize.

However, the goal of the loser's bracket is to score the least points.

The bracket is arranged by conference and division.  In the first round, each team is matched up with its division foes who did not make the playoffs.

I will be posting round 1 loser's bracket results tomorrow night at 5:01 PM ET.

Now, I want to show you what packs have been chosen for the Wild Card round:

That's 4 Score Jumbos and 2 Score Retail Packs for a total of 224 cards.

Since Score has several subsets, the scoring will be a little different than the regular season. The standard player base cards will still be 1 point apiece.  Here are the other cards and their values:

Airmail - 2 pts

Franchise - 2 pts

Future Franchise - 2 pts
Retro Rookies - 3 pts

Hot Rookies - 3 pts
 In addition to those, I have ruled that the Road to the Super Bowl cards are disqualified. 

It would be nearly impossible to beat the Ravens if these counted, so I'm not. 

As with the regular season, all other points are awarded at my discretion.

For playoff tiebreaks, I will use Sudden Death Packs.  I have some extra Score Retail Packs.  In the event of a tie, I will select a pack and open it.  The team that pulls a card first wins the game. 

For losers bracket tiebreaks, the win goes to the team that was worse in the regular season (using NFL tiebreak rules).

See you tomorrow for the loser's bracket first round and on Saturday for the Wild Card games!

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