Saturday, July 27, 2013

Football Contest: AFC Championship

The Ravens destroyed the Dolphins and squeaked past the Texans to earn their spot here.  The Broncos tied for the leagues best record, but narrowly beat the upstart Jaguars to earn their spot.

First, let's see how the Epix blaster turned out.

The Ravens see Flacco connect with Boldin for the first two points.

The Broncos answer with a Kyle Orton toss to Moreno. 

But it's a reverse! Moreno hands off to former Hokie Eddie Royal to put the Broncos ahead 4-2.

Threads time.

The Ravens bounce back with a Threads trio to take a 5-4 lead.

Kyle Orton isn't giving up that easily, though. 5-5.

Flacco is flanked by Rice and Boldin, and it helps them take an 8-5 lead.

Again, we find Orton, but can he do it all by himself?

Nope, Eddie Royal bails him out at the end of regulation to tie the game.


You know the drill.  2013 Score pack.  First team to get a card wins.  Sudden death, baby.

First card:


Second card:

Von Miller comes through in the clutch giving the Broncos the OT win.

Broncos win!

So, the Broncos will cap their excellent season with a trip to the Super Bowl. Who will they face when they get there? Find out tomorrow at 5:01 PM ET.

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