Sunday, July 21, 2013

Football Contest: Ravens vs. Texans

3 games down, three teams upholding home field advantage.  Can the Texans make it 4-for-4? Or will the Ravens take the spot against the Broncos in the AFC Championship?

Ravens are away, so they'll go first.

5 points
Most teams got 2 base cards. The Ravens got 5...

2 points

...and a rookie.

1 point
2 points

2010 Score is mostly a hideous set.  The All-Pro cards, though, are gorgeous.

10 points, and we haven't hit the 2011 cards, yet.

2 points
3 points
2 points
A solid rookie receiver caps a great performance.

Ravens 17

The Texans certainly have their work cut out for them.

2 points
1 point...even though he's a lousy Wahoo.
Both are glossy parallels...4 points

2 points
The hot rookie gives the Texans 9 points in the 2010 cards.  Not a bad start.

2 points
1 point
The Texans had 2 glossy 2010s, and have 2 glossy 2011s as well...

Glossy - 4 points
...but that's all they could muster, falling just short.

Texans 16

Ravens win!

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