Thursday, December 29, 2011

Winnings from the Card Hobbyist

I was recently one of the winners from The Card Hobbyist's Contest. He sent me this sweet Limas Sweed Jersey:

I remember winning the Heisman with Sweed back in NCAA Football 2005.  Good times, college.  After a great career at Texas, he played a couple seasons with the Steelers.  He never really got in the flow and ended up getting injured, which has essentailly knocked him out of the NFL.

I dig the card, though.  The stripe looks pretty sweet.

Also in the package were two former Hokies:

A sweet Chris Ellis (dude ws a beast at VT) and the Hokie GOAT Bruce Smith (in maybe the strangest pose ever).  

Thanks, Patrick...despite your affinity for Miami Hurricanes, you seem like a nice guy!

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