Wednesday, December 14, 2011

On the Third Day of Cardmas, My Mistress Gave To Me...

3 Boring Bowmans,

2 Chromey Footballs,
And A Value Pack of Topps Chrome.

Never heard of any of them.
I've heard of Kolten Wong, but only because of other Bowman products.
Hey, a refractor!...never heard of him.
Thank goodness, I at least know Ichiro. 


cynicalbuddha said...

Man I hate Bowman Baseball so much!!!!! Give me three versions of Stadium Club! Give me three version of Ginter! Or better yet give me three products that all the same!

Word verification poltiess, I think they meant pointless!

cynicalbuddha said...

Dammit I meant to say, Give me three products that aren't all the same!

Kyle4KC said...

You know, at one point, you'd never heard of Albert Pujols. Bowman can surprise you in a couple years. Stick em in a shoebox and wait.

Bowman makes me hurl when they put a 30 yr old on a "RC". Give me a break, like he's going to be someone who's card I want in 5 years!