Wednesday, December 21, 2011

On the Tenth Day of Cardmas, My Mistress Gave To Me...

10 Filthy Falcons,

9 Football Flurries,
8 Diamond Doubles,
7 Tebows Tebowing,
6 Drafty Crabtrees,
5 Colored Rings,
4 Hopping Hoopsters,
3 Boring Bowmans,
2 Chromey Footballs,
And A Value Pack of Topps Chrome.

It pains me to post Matt Ryan.  Matt Ryan is the first non-UVA player on my list of hated football players (behind every player to ever play at UVA, of course).  Why do I hate him so bad? I was in the freezing rain when he scored 2 touchdowns in 2 minutes to come from behind against VT.  He then went to to Falcons, who I had just abandoned after the Vick mess and the subsequent releasing of Alge Crumpler, Warrick Dunn, and DeAngelo Hall.  Even more, he is incredibly likeable and talented.  Yuck. 

Oh well.  These 10 packs (3 retail, 7 blaster) of Bowman should be good to me since 2008 was a good year for VT rookies.

The base veterans are red.
The base RCs are blue.  The Mendenhall is a decent RC.
Jordy Nelson is a beast, but apparently he is underestimated because he is white. Reggie Corner should be the name of every cornerback in the league.
The base coach cards are green. Dude just got canned.
Gold cards are thicker, which makes me happy when scanning.  The press together perfectly.
Chrome cards do not press together well.  They curl and shift and suck.

2008 Bowman Blue Jaymar Johnson #500/500 eBay 1/1 Last one made Vikings Cardinals least that's how it would be listed on eBay these days.  Gotta admit, the 500/500 numbering looks pretty sweet.  That's my first last-of-the-print-run card.
The blaster also had a rookie relic card.  I was hoping for Eddie Royal, but it was not to be:

Devin Thomas, currently on the Giants, has 1 reception this year.
Hooray, no Matt Ryans!!! ....and, I got some Hokies:

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