Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A graded card that just didn't pan out.

I got this a long time ago in one of those "1 Graded Rookie Card and 3 NFL Packs" deals at Target, I believe. 

This card came to mind when Kevin at the Mojo Beard mentioned weird graded cards.  He showed off a Kevin Jones RC and said is was inexcusable.  But, I guess that goes to show you that there is someone somewhere who would love to have that card.  I would love a PSA 10 Kevin Jones (hint hint nudge nudge).  It would be a nice, unique piece of my Hokie collection.  As for a really funny graded card, see what I sent Kevin recently.  That Puckett is money. 

So, my next question is this: Who in the hell out there wants a Beckett 9 Vince Young Score RC?


Kevin said...

The Jones will be on it's way shortly

Play at the Plate said...

Maybe Vince's momma would want it. As a paperweight.