Thursday, December 22, 2011

On the Eleventh Day of Cardmas, My Mistress Gave To Me...

11 Circus Circles,

10 Filthy Falcons,
9 Football Flurries,
8 Diamond Doubles,
7 Tebows Tebowing,
6 Drafty Crabtrees,
5 Colored Rings,
4 Hopping Hoopsters,
3 Boring Bowmans,
2 Chromey Footballs,
And A Value Pack of Topps Chrome.

I happened upon a blaster of 2008 Topps Series 2 at K-Mart.  As a matter of fact, I happen upon several.  They were all of the 5 packs plus some bonus rookie card pack variety.  They were originally $10, but marked down to $5.99.  I noticed that one looked different.  It was actually a full-fledged $20 blaster with 10 packs and a relic.  A trip to the scanny thing revealed that it was in fact, also marked $5.99.  Score one for the home team.  Unlike the Bowman football on the 10th day of Cardmas, I'm including the relic in the pack count, bringing it to 11.

As for the Circus Circles part, you'll need to see here. Night Owl has spoken, and so it shall be.

Yeah, that's right.  The only base cards I scanned were managers.  I'm a rebel.
Before ToppsTown was an annoying insert that counted against the cards-per-pack, it was simply a filler card.  However, Topps put premier technology into these.  You see, they expired February 1, 2009, and apparently Topps printed them with time-sensitive disappearing ink.


Wow, Russ Martin, Mickey Mantle, and some Presidents.  Yep, this is definitely a 2000s Topps product.

That's a sweet looking David Wright, but I already had a couple of them.  Anyone notice how Carl Crawford cards were fun to pull until he went to the Red Sox.  Now it's just sad.

And the big hit of the blaster...

wait for it...

it's coming...

WHOMP whomp.  Sorry.  Everyone that gets a huge hit makes you wait for it with a ton of ellipses (for you dumb people, those would be three-dots-es).  I figured I would do it for a very underwhelming hit.  Any Casey Kotchman collectors out there?  Anyone? Bueller? (tell me that isn't one of the most over used blog phrases.  The "Question? Anyone? Bueller?" format is a goto phrasing, kinda like when players that f*** s*** up say, "it is what it is". ) 

Casey Kotchman on the 11 Day of Cardmas? Man, this thing is going downhill in a hurry.

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Play at the Plate said...

Great buildup to the "hit". At least it was only a $5.99 box.