Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cardmas Carols Riddle #8

How this works: The image shown represents a cardmas carol. A cardmas carol shares the name of a christmas carol, but may be slightly modified.

For example: If I show a card that has David Ortiz kissing Santa Claus, the answer would be "I Saw Papi Kissing Santa Claus". If I show two cards of Jay Bell and George Bell, and they are both silver, the answer would be "Silver Bells". Get it, got it, good.


Anonymous said...

"I'm Hittin' Nothin' for Christmas"

Spankee said...

Only a Twins fan would know anything about Sal Butera.

That said, you are incorrect.

FanOfReds said...


Spankee said...

Very nice!

dawgbones said...

I like Rhubarb Runner's version better!!

Verification word: bewers - dis-gruntled Milwaukee Fans?