Saturday, December 24, 2011

Cardmas Carols Riddle #10

How this works: The image shown represents a cardmas carol. A cardmas carol shares the name of a christmas carol, but may be slightly modified.

For example: If I show a card that has David Ortiz kissing Santa Claus, the answer would be "I Saw Papi Kissing Santa Claus". If I show two cards of Jay Bell and George Bell, and they are both silver, the answer would be "Silver Bells". Get it, got it, good.

This is the last one.  Play at the Plate, feel free to jack this image for your blog.  It turned out better than I thought it would.


Dennis said...

Uh, Feliz Navidad?

Hackenbush said...

Too easy. Great job on the card!

Spankee said...

Great work! Yeah, it was the easiest one, by far, but also one that I had to do. Thanks for noticing the card Hack, it was my favorite one. It almost looks like it could be real. I should thank the person I stole the card image from for having such a good scan.

To finish the riddles (yes this was the last one, until next year) with a 2011 Topps Diamond card is the perfect ending.