Friday, December 16, 2011

Cardmas Carols Riddle #2

The first one was way too easy.  Hopefully this will be a little tougher.

How this works: The image shown represents a cardmas carol. A cardmas carol shares the name of a christmas carol, but may be slightly modified.

For example: If I show a card that has David Ortiz kissing Santa Claus, the answer would be "I Saw Papi Kissing Santa Claus". If I show two cards of Jay Bell and George Bell, and they are both silver, the answer would be "Silver Bells". Get it, got it, good.

Here is the riddle for day #2:

Good Luck!


Ryan H said...

Angels We Have Spent On High?

Spankee said...


But I do like that one.

Matt said...

Noel (No 'L')

Matt said...

oh...The First Noel, since it's his rookie card

Spankee said...

Very nice. I was getting ready to say you were close, but you came back and nailed it. I had a feeling No "L" would come out first (because of my sloppy photoshopping) but the RC thing was an added difficulty.