Monday, December 26, 2011

A Christmas Vick...

Yeah, I know, mentioning Michael Vick around Christmas is a little iffy, but trust me, it fits.  My wife and I were at my parents' house helping them decorate the tree when a familiar box was pulled out.  It was the box for my Michael Vick Hallmark Ornament, from the Falcons years.  The box was empty because I had taken the ornament to college.  After the dogfighting trial, I jokingly tied a noose around it and hung it from the fridge.  Yeah, I can't mention a noose because Vick is black and it would be a surefire way to be labeled a racist.  It was more a creation of idle minds in college as my roommate was trying to learn how to tie a noose, and finally learned right around the time I brought the ornament from home.  Anyway, the story has a happy ending: at some point, the ornament was knocked off the fridge and the leg broke off. 

Don't you love how you can't mention a noose with Vick since he is black, but you can mention breaking his leg because he killed dogs!  But, I'll keep the social commentary to a minimum.  After all, I am a fan of Vick's comeback. I'll briefly describe my mentality with this tidbit: You have to take the bad with the good, and don't ever be afraid to laugh.

Back to the ornament.  When I saw the ornament box, it kind of made me sad that I don't have the ornament anymore.  In a fortunate turn of events, there was a card in the box:

It's a hair smaller than 2.5"x3.5",  but it's close enough.  I've added it to my VT binder.

Speaking of laughs, how hilarious is this eBay listing

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Play at the Plate said...

I have a Nolan Ryan ornament. I hang it on the tree every year and the card is still in the box (in a toploader).