Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tigers, Rangers, and Brewers, but not the Cardinals...

...are still without bids in my group break, as are several other great teams.  Go here for the details and here for the current bidding.  I'm sure at least one of you is waiting to snipe a team Sunday night, but you can always leave me a max bid and I'll autobid up to that.  I'm surprised the Mets and Dodgers are still sitting there, too.  As many fans as there are out there, I expected some interest by now.  And sure, the Yankees are the most expensive team, but they always have a lot of potential for good stuff. 

Look at the teams $10 and under still out there:
Oakland Athletics
Washington Nationals
Toronto Blue Jays
Florida Marlins
Arizona Diamondbacks
San Diego Padres
Pittsburgh Pirates
Tampa Bay Rays

Half the price of a blaster for 50+ cards of your team?  I'm practically giving this stuff away.

Just for good measure, the other bidless teams I haven't plugged in this post are:

Boston Red Sox
Los Angeles Angels
Chicago White Sox
San Francisco Giants
Minnesota Twins
Colorado Rockies
Seattle Mariners
Milwaukee Brewers
Baltimore Orioles
Cincinnati Reds

Lots of great cards to be had. Hit me up!

Sick of this picture yet? I'm not.


Derek said...

Nats. 12

Play at the Plate said...

I love that pic....I wish it was of my desk.