Thursday, October 20, 2011

Group Break: 2008 Upper Deck Heroes

Ok, so now we're on to a big chunk o cards.  Four blasters of 9 packs of 5 cards, plus one extra pack that I picked up along the way.  That's a total of 37 retail packs.  This is where scanning and listing every single card became impossible.  I did keep a couple of cards for my set, but only base cards.  I replaced each one with the same player's black parallel from my own collection where possible.  There were a couple of cards where that wasn't possible, but I was able to replace that player with an Upper Deck Masterpieces card or an Upper Deck APOH card.  Again, if you need specifics on base cards, just drop me an email.

In total, there are 98 base cards

and 14 multi-player/team base cards

Obviously the cards where the players are all one team will go to that team.  The Boggs/Mattingly and Carlton/Santana cards had dupes, so one goes to each team.  The other cards have been set aside and will be randomed to the teams when the group break is winding down.

There are also 49 regular black parallels

Maybe the only time you'll see Daric Barton grouped with Bob Gibson and Joe DiMaggio
and 7 multi-player/team black parallels

Ok, so 2 cards that came out of the packs really have me confused.  I'll show them, then explain:

I threw a regular base card in to show the odd darker color of the Boggs and Mattingly.  Some of you are saying, "well, spankee, those are beige parallels".  But, I have pulled beige parallels in the past, and they have been numbered, whereas these are not.  These were in consecutive packs of one of the blasters.  Has anyone else come across these before?

A stack of Yankee Stadium Legacy cards came out of these boxes as well, but I'm not showing them, because we don't need to see that many Yankees.

On to the colorful cards.  Four numbered parallels came out of the blasters

I love the colors on these.  These are so much better than the brown and beige parallels.  The Bedard and sick Kaline are #'d to 249, the Mauer is to 499, and the Uggla is to 199. This is the point at which Tigers collectors should start to realize they should have bought in.

Well that does it for the...oh, wait, what's that, there was one more card in one of the blasters? That's right, the first hit of the break goes to...

The Dodgers!  A sweet Chad Billingsley number lucky 13 of 125.  Congrats to Josh for picking up the first hit of the break.

At this point, the Yankees have roared into the lead with the Red Sox in second place, mainly because 2008 Heroes is overloaded with both of them. 

You can see the Yankees nearing 50 as their color gets closer to nifty is that.  The little scissors logo next to the Dodgers is my quick reference that they have a relic...get it...scissors...jersey...get it?  For autographs, a pen shows up.  I'm enjoying this break, it gives me reason to screw around in Excel. Just like that, we're 330 cards into the break.  It really says something about the current state of cards when 21% of the cards are parallels, and there are three times as many parallels as inserts. 


FanOfReds said...

I love the spreadsheet!


I have a whole slew of the darker parallels. I've yet to figure them out either.The beige and brown are both supposed to be #'d but none of these are.

Josh D. said...

Woot!!! This is my first Group Break hit ever (it doesn't help that I usually buy the Royals).

Play at the Plate said...

I knew I should have picked up the Twins too.