Monday, October 24, 2011

Group Break 2006 Fleer Tradition

This is one of the smaller posts of the break.  I opened 6 packs of 10 cards of 2006 Fleer Tradition.  I originally thought I was keeping 6 of the base cards for my set, but Spiegel just sent me some trade goodies and covered those six, so no replacements needed.  This set has a number of great RCs, and we pulled most of them:

We managed 5 inserts in 6 packs, which is pretty good for Tradition, which seems to have inserts at like a 1:2 or 1:3 rate.

Ortiz inserts are everywhere in this break.  Billingsley makes an encore appearance after his Heroes relic from a few days ago. 

How about we boost this post with some junk?  I grabbed two random jumbo thingies from Dollar tree, just like this one. I'm not going to show all of the cards from them, though, because I don't want to ruin that WTF? moment you have when you open your group break package.  For now, here's 9 from each:

The upper left is Mr. Cornelius McGillicuddy, Sr., better known as Connie Mack.  He goes to the A's.  McMullen is a Phillies draft pick that never got past A+, which leads me to believe he doesn't catch that ball. And yes, that Baerga is even trippier in person.

These packs are so fun, and random.  I couldn't tell you what 8 of those cards above are because I can't take my eyes off of Tidrow's 'Stache.

Poor Washington is still in single digits. 

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dayf said...

I shoulda bought the Marlins too just for all the Ugglas popping up.