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Birthday Box Break: 2008 UD APOH Box 1 Part 2

Part 1 is in the books, so it's time for the next 8 packs.  The first half yielded the guaranteed Hollywood Memorabilia card in the form of a Woody Harrelson Kingpin Jacket relic.  Also in there was a sweet Jose Reyes relic. The best parallel/insert was a Grady Sizemore Box Score Memories Gold #/99.  In this half, I'm looking for a rookie auto, another relic, and hopefully a #/25 insert or parallel.

Pack 9:
142 Wladimir Balentien RC
198 The Creation of Baseball
105 Clint Sammons RC
CSC-BS Santana/Buehrle Cut From the Same Cloth #634/799
69 Mariano Rivera
30 Troy Tulowitzki
48 Victor Martinez
87 Troy Glaus

Pack 10:
184 Pope John Paul II
114 Josh Newman RC
170 Polio Vaccine Invented
147 Luis Mendoza RC Red #052/149
43 Hunter Pence
82 Tim Lincecum
4 Chris B. Young
YSL2114 Yogi Berra Yankee Stadium Legacy

Pack 11:
109 Donny Lucy RC
151 Fall of the Berlin Wall
128 Carlos Muniz RC
FM4-3 Beltran/Delgado/Santana/Reyes Franchise Members 4 #569/799
94 Josh Hamilton
56 Justin Morneau
95 Vernon Wells
17 Grady Sizemore

>>> How do you leave David Wright off of that card.  He should be in there instead of Johan. Oh well.  The first three packs have been somewhat duds.

Pack 12:
137 Steve Pearce RC
179 Civil Rights Act Passes
123 Chin-Lung Hu RC
165 Woodstock
CSC-HS Smoltz/Hudson Cut From the Same Cloth Jersey #22/99
42 Carlos Lee
68 Phil Hughes
29 Matt Holliday
SS47 Felix Hernandez Stadium Scenes Red #019/149

>>> Kablam.  I really dig the dual.  I haven't traded any Braves in forever.  I've got a decent stack of relics now.

Pack 13:
199 Juan Ponce De Leon
143 Jeff Clement RC
193 International Space Station
BSM-12 Jim Thome Box Score Memories #079/699
16 Dustin Pedroia
55 Joe Mauer
81 Barry Zito
3 Justin Upton

>>> I really dig the Box Score Memories cards; they are very well done in this set.  This one commemorates Thome's 500th HR. 

Pack 14:
115 Seth Smith RC
157 Statue of Liberty Given to U.S.
101 Emilio Bonifacio RC
142 Wladimir Balentien RC Autograph #134/199
20 Curt Schilling
85 Felix Hernandez
46 Torii Hunter
YSL2631 Don Larsen Yankee Stadium Legacy

>>> Not that the RC checklist is all that deep or anything, but this isn't exactly what I had in mind.  He's up there with some of the bad signatures out there.  Should be Wladimir Balentien, looks like "Barr" or "Bash".  There also aren't that many Mariners collectors out there.  That does it for the 4 guaranteed hits. But, given history, I'll probably end up with another relic since the dual relic has a bonusy feel.

Pack 15:
185 1st Heart Transplant
129 Alberto Gonzalez RC
171 Bell X-1 Breaks Sound Barrier
TM-27 Prince Fielder Timeless Moments #130/699
SS3 Mark Teixeira Stadium Scenes Gold Jersey #89/99
7 John Smoltz
33 Justin Verlander
59 David Wright
98 Frank Thomas

>>> And I was right.  Another Braves hit, and a #/99 Gold at that.

Pack 16:
178 Paul Revere's Ride
150 Justin Maxwell RC
164 Geneva Summit
108 Lance Broadway RC
21 Alfonso Soriano
86 Ichiro Suzuki
72 Cole Hamels
FH-48 Albert Pujols Franchise History Silver #03/25

>>> What a way to finish.    My low numbered card is an awesome silver Pujols.

All in all, box 1 was a success.  The relics were very good (including a bonus dual relic) though the auto was dissappointing. 

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