Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Group Break: 2011 Bowman

So this is one of the bigger lots in the group break.  I ripped 3 rack packs (20 cards each), 5 retail packs (10), and 2 blister packs (3 retail packs and 3 bonus purple prospects).  I'll also throw in three packs of 2011 Bowman Platinum for good measure.

I'll go ahead and tell you now, NO BRYCE HARPER.  Yeah, I really expected at least the base prospect card, but no dice.  The Nationals did OK, though, as Strasburg does make an appearance. 

All told, there were 69 base cards:

36 Prospects:

and 31 Chrome prospects:

As for inserts,

A pretty good mix of teams.

There were 14 gold parallels:

There was one International parallel:

Mike Leake - The scan doesn't do it justice.
There were two green parallels #/450:

Strasburg looked awfully good at the end of the year.
There was one Purple Refractor #/700:

As for the bonus purple prospects:

Nothing off the charts, but the Chen facsimile sig is pretty sweet.
On to the Bowman Platinum:

Given the poor lighting I was working in, I didn't notice until now that the McGee is a Green/Emerald parallel.
There were two prospects cards:

And one nice Xfractor:

A simple re-spelling of his first name makes him a little more redneck: Joe-Herman, although I'm sure it's pronounced YO-hermeen.

The Red Sox inch closer to 50.