Thursday, October 27, 2011

Group Break: Topps fun stuff

Topps Opening Day and Topps Stickers seem to be the feel good sets of the year.  Here, we have a hanger pack of OD and 6 packs of stickers, or as the more eloquent refer to them: STICKAHS!

You all are pretty familiar with OD by now, I'm sure:

Un-foiled Topps, aka the way Topps should do it since they suck at foil.

The Red Sox are just racking up inserts.  Felix makes Ichiro look small. 
The Truman card commemorates April 20, 1951 when he threw out the first pitch of the Senators/Yankees game. 

On to the STICKAHS!!!

43 Regular Player Stickers

3 Team Pairs.  The dupe makes things easy.
2 legends, and they are both Stan the Man.
Whew, that was fun.

We've just hit the 1,000 card mark.  We've got a crapload of cards to go, too.


Josh D. said...

This is awesome. I'm loving "the reveal" aspect to this all. Keep it up.

piratesfan731 said...

Who gets HarrY?