Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Hokie from Charlottesville...

This card unexpectedly arrived in my mailbox a few days ago, and it is my first ever VT baseball card.  I love the Hokies jersey with the VT on the helmet.  This card came courtesy of Kevin of The Mojo Beard, or I guess The Mojo Beard, though now it's really kinda just Kevin's blog, haha. Kevin, who works at that other college in Virginia, is very generous to send Hokies my way.  I've tried sending him some Wahoos, but they keep catching fire before I mail them. Weird. 

Working in housing there must be tough.  I can't imagine what it's like dealing with all of those kids saying, "Mommy and Daddy said I could have the big dorm room!"  and "I demand a larger closet, where else will I keep all of my gameday ties?" and "What do you mean I can't have Zima in my room?".  

I can help with the "ties" problem, Kevin.  Just tell them to pick out the four they like and wear those to the games UVA wins. 

Thanks, again, Kevin.  I really dig the card.


dawgbones said...

4? that's a bit optimistic, isn't it?

Kevin said...

I am glad ya like the card brother.

I would say something about Tech but I am afraid you will mention Chris Cook