Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sushi love me long time.

Since we are talking about seafood, have you seen the newest Legal Sea Foods commercials.  They are hilarious.
Anyway, when you saw "Sushi" in the title, you probably already knew that this was a post about cards from Spiegel at Nomo's Sushi Platter.  Spiegel is first in line for all of my Dodgers (you know, after Greg and Greg grab all the good ones and get out of the line). 

Was anyone else disappointed by Spiegel's first video post?  I mean, great video and all, but I was hoping for a thick Japanese accent.  It would have worked so well with the blog title.  With a name like Spiegel, I'm not sure why I expected one, but still.  I was thinking a touch more Morimoto and a touch less Spicoli. He should hire a Japanese Sumo guy to do his videos, in full match gear.  I'd watch. 

Hopefully Spiegel has a sense of humor.  Otherwise, he no rike my joke.

Now that we have roasted Sushi (but if you roast it, it's no longer...well, you get the point) time to tell you what he sent me.  He killed several of my 2006 Fleer Tradition and 2008 UD Heroes needs, and also sent me some PC cards:

The perspective on the Justin Upton cards is crazy enough, but then I turned it sideways, and it's like something out of the matrix.

Thanks, Spiegel, your package will be arriving shortly. 

...I'm definitely going to hit up the Asian buffet for lunch soon, I done made myself hungry.


Spiegel83 said...

Hahahaha! This is one of the funnier trade posts that I have read about myself.

My Japanese side is from my mother's family. I do have a Japanese middle name though.

Also, I may sound like Spicoli because I enjoy smoking bowls. Hahaha!

dodgerbobble said...

Haha! Next time I shoot the video, I think I'll do it in Sumo gear with my beer belly hanging out!