Thursday, October 20, 2011

Group Break: 2011 Topps Update Jumbo

I swung by the LCS on Monday and picked up a few random packs to throw in as well as a 2011 Update Jumbo pack.  I'll ruin the post here by saying there wasn't a hit in the pack, but still some nice cards.  Since I started the break before it closed with some 2011 Update, I figured why not start it officially with some Update.

Most break posts will be all scans, and some may have videos if I'm feeling frisky.  Obviously, I didn't scan every single card.  I tried to scan the good stuff, but scanning every single card just isn't happening.  I will show updated team counts with each post.  If you absolutely want to know what base cards you have from a certain product, send me an email and I'll let you know.  If I type out every single card, it'll be months before you get to hold any of them.  Anyway, back to the Jumbo pack:

Liquorfractors for the Rays, Reds, and Mets and a Sparkly for the D-Backs.  The Rangers pick up a nice gold parallel of rookie Cody Eppley.  The Hawk goes to the Cubbies and the Royals hit with their first insert.  Mini Lance Berkman is clearly not impressed. 

With this jumbo pack and the Update cards from the last post, here are the current card counts:

The Cardinals take the early lead (just like the playoffs...whoa that's crazy), though don't expect them to hold off the Yankees for long.  The color in the far right column of total cards will change as your team approaches 50.  Since I guaranteed 50 per team, I wanted a way to see where I stand.  The color changes gradually from red at 0 to yellow at 49, then to green at 50.

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