Monday, October 10, 2011

Birthday Box Break: 2008 UD APOH Box 2 Part 2

Time for the finale.  The first half of the box was very nice with a low numbered parallel, a low number relic, a Capote relic, and an awesome Braves pitcher triple relic. Only thing left guaranteed is the rookie auto...

Pack 9:
136 Nyjer Morgan RC
192 Liberty Bell
122 Luke Hochevar RC
120 Felipe Paulino RC Autograph #496/499
100 Ryan Zimmerman
61 Johan Santana
22 Aramis Ramirez
YSL5701 Joe Torre Yankee Stadium Legacy

>>> ...So I guess we'll start off with it.  Not too shabby, at least he's still playing. 

Pack 10:
166 Invention of Cotton Gin
124 Jonathan Meloan RC
180 Hindenburg Blows Up
FM4-2 Schilling/Matsuzaka/Papelbon/Beckett Franchise Members 4 #633/799
TM-47 Albert Pujols Timeless Moments Jersey
87 Troy Glaus
9 Brian McCann
35 Gary Sheffield
74 Jimmy Rollins

>>> It just wouldn't be me if I didn't pull a ton of Red Sox pitchers.  Oh yeah, and the Pujols jersey is nice.  Wait...that's a fifth hit, and it's the Machine!!! I'll take it! I'm convinced that these boxes should have 5 guaranteed hits.  I've opened 4 boxes now and I've gotten 21 hits.

Pack 11:
152 Wright Brothers 1st Flight
138 Colt Morton RC
194 Human Genome Project
110 Heath Phillips RC
69 Mariano Rivera
30 Troy Tulowitzki
48 Victor Martinez
CSC-LF Lee/Fielder Cut From the Same Cloth Silver #007/149

>>> I had a 007 serial number in one of my other boxes. I'm a fan.

Pack 12:
141 Bronson Sardinha RC
183 1st World's Fair - 1851 London
127 Jose Morales RC
BSM-34 Joe Mauer Box Score Memories #345/699
17 Grady Sizemore
43 Hunter Pence
82 Tim Lincecum
4 Chris B. Young

>>> oom pa pa Mauer Mauer.

Pack 13:
155 First Space Shuttle Launch
113 Joe Koshansky RC
197 Battle of the Alamo
92 B.J. Upton Red #041/149
94 Josh Hamilton
56 Justin Morneau
95 Vernon Wells
YSL5726 Tino Martinez Yankee Stadium Legacy

>>> OOooOOooOOoohhh, a keeper.  That's a pleasant surprise.

Pack 14:
126 Mitch Stetter RC
169 New York City Subway Opens
140 Erick Threets RC
TM-44 Phil Hughes Timeless Moments /699
3 Justin Upton
42 Carlos Lee
68 Phil Hughes
29 Matt Holliday

>>> Woohoo. Phil Hughes hot pack. Pulled the relic version of this in one of the other boxes.

Pack 15:
125 Sam Fuld RC
182 Creation of the Internet
112 Joey Votto RC
196 Lewis and Clark
16 Dustin Pedroia
55 Joe Mauer
81 Barry Zito
TM-35 Derek Jeter Timeless Moments Red #088/149

>>> I should try to get the "creation of the internet" card signed TTM by Al Gore.

Pack 16:
167 Eiffel Tower
139 Eugenio Velez RC
154 Columbus Discovers America
SS11 Alfonso Soriano Stadium Scenes #575/699
98 Frank Thomas
20 Curt Schilling
85 Felix Hernandez
46 Torii Hunter

>>> Should go nicely with the red version I pulled in the first half of this box.

That does it for the two birthday boxes.  As far as base cards, I got pretty much all of the same cards I already had.  After 4 boxes (and probably 50 other cards I had before these) I still need 17 for my set (and about 50 for a second set). I was hoping at this point to have one complete set and most of a second, but that is not the case.  I guess I'll have to buy a couple more boxes before I can give away a complete set in a contest on here. 


Greg Zakwin said...

Sweet Pujols hit!

mmmrhubarb said...

you're doing well with these!

Is the Mauer Box Office up for trade?