Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A very Chesapeakey trade

Dawgbones sent me a pack age recently.  Included in that package were these:

Michael Cuddyer was the first ball player of the current MLB crop to come out of Chesapeake.  Several players later came Justin Upton. I love this Justin Upton card, naturally, since I was born and raised in Chesapeake.  Then , you have to consider where these cards came from.  Dawgbones sent them, which means they came from Chesapeake.  Hence, Chesapeakey.  Until just now, I had never really looked at the word "Chesapeake".  I mean, I've seen it my whole life, but I've never looked at it.  It's a pretty weird word.

Anyway, that's not all Dawgbones sent me, as he also included the complete set of Weird-Oh's baseball, which I failed to buy once before.  I haven't scanned any of them yet, but I hope to feature them in the future. Anyway, thanks Richard!

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dawgbones said...

Glad they arrived safe and sound, and you enjoyed them. Thanks for the Cabinet Card and the other Phils...