Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas Box: 2009 UD A Piece of History Hobby Part 2

On to part 2 of my 2009 A Piece of History hobby box break. 

The first half of the box had the Piece of Hollywood hit in the form of a costume swatch of John Hurt from Outlander. The first half also produced some decent inserts and parallels.  The second half still holds the guaranteed auto and relic, so lets see what I got:

Pack 9:
  64 Chien-Ming Wang
  16 Derrek Lee
  151 Star-Spangled Banner Blue #024/299
  706 Wayne Gretzky 20th Anniversary
  197 Republican Party Founded
  127 Juan Miranda RC
  161 D-Day Invasion
>>> If there was a history card to get a blue parallel of, I guess the Star-Spangled Banner is it.  Nothing wrogn with finding the Great One in a pack.  My wife's grandfather (the same one who gave me his tool collection) was on the beach on D-Day, so that card is extra cool to me.

Pack 10:
  63 Derek Jeter
  47 Manny Ramirez
  95 Michael Young
  47 Manny Ramirez Green #002/150
  115 Alcides Escobar RC
  177 Microwave Oven Invented
  103 Josh Roenicke RC
>>> Manny Ramirez hot pack! 

Pack 11:
  79 Brian Giles
  31 Troy Tulowitzki
  45 Vladimir Guerrero
  SS-RM Russell Martin Stadium Scenes #155/999
  711 Stephen Breyer 20th Anniversary
  185 X-Ray Invented
  137 Aaron Cunningham RC
>>> I knew I hadn't seen the last of Russell Martin.  Im not lying.  He's everywhere.  Who doesn't love getting a SC Justice in a pack of baseball cards. 

Pack 12:
93 Josh Hamilton
77 Chris Young
29 Travis Hafner
131 James Parr RC Autograph Violet
156 18th Amendment Adopted
149 Mike Hinckley
172 US Constitution Signed
>>> See Braves fans, I told you this box would have something for you.  Too bad I think this guy fell of the face of the Earth. I mean, this is a great card!  I love that the 18th Amendment card came before the Constitution card.

Pack 13:
  11 David Ortiz
  59 Johan Santana
  FM-RWBS Franchise Members Quad Mets (Reyes/Wright/Beltran/Santana) #104/999
  696 Arkansas Razorbacks 20th Anniversary
  106 Matt Antonelli
  186 Pluto Recategorized
  130 Josh Outman
>>> I really didn't expect to add much to the PC with this box, but the Quad Mets with Wright will be going in the binder, so I am ecstatic.  I had the Triple Mets already, so this will look good right next to it.  As a space guy, I like the space-related history cards.  Unfortunately, the whole Pluto-isn't-a-planet thing is stupid.

Pack 14:
  91 Scott Kazmir
  42 Alex Gordon
  26 Brandon Phillips
  SS-LB Lance Berkman Stadium Scenes #663/999
  196 Debut of New York Times
  126 James McDonald RC
  160 USA Enters World War II
>>> Another nice Stadium Scenes, this time with a great picture of Minute Maid Park.

Pack 15:
  74 Ryan Doumit
  10 Josh Beckett
  58 David Wright
  48 Russell Martin
  BSM-CJ Chipper Jones Box Score Memories Jersey Red #110/180
  701 Alex Rodriguez 20th Anniversary
  118 Josh Geer RC
  176 Elevator Invented
>>> David Wright shows up, Russell Martin peaks in for a third time, and an A-Rod helps celebrate UD's 20th Anniversary.  Oh yeah, and a sweet Chipper Jones jersey card.  It's a red parallel, too, which looks awesome on a Braves card.  Ok Braves fans, sorry for making you think the Parr auto was the only big Braves card.  I am ecstatic with this hit, easily the highlight of the box.  If I'm not going to pull a player I collect, Chipper is on the short list of others I am happy to pull (you know, along with Jeter, Pujols, Ichiro, etc.).

Pack 16:
  32 Garrett Atkins
  96 Roy Halladay
  80 Tim Lincecum
  72 Ryan Howard Green #078/150
  112 Luis Cruz RC
  184 Brooklyn Bridge Completed
  124 Lou Marson RC
>>> Well, no David Price to finish my set.  The Ryan Howard green is a nice parallel to finish off the box (note: the green Howard has already been sent to Dawgbones, so it isn't available). 

That does it for my hobby box of 2009 APOH.  That was a great Christmas present.  Most of the cards are available for trade, so if you see something you like, let me know. 


BA Benny said...

Too bad you aren't a Braves/ Russell Martin fan cause if you were this box would be gold. I would say a pretty good box overall. If available I can use the Aceves green (pt. 1),Star Spangled Banner blue, and A-Rod 20th Ann. I willo find something to offer this weekend.

dawgbones said...

Yes, that's right, the Howard green looks great in my Phillies binder, and it's still not available! This was a great box, that Chipper Jones jersey looks pretty sweet.

Colbey (flywheels) said...

Love that red Chipper card! Anything I can offer you up for that Berkman card?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind trading for the Pridie, Mijares, and Mauer/Martin cards if they are available.

Greg Zakwin said...

I'm down to trade for the Mannys, Martins (less the one Rhubarb claimed), and any other Dodgers (I think it was just McDonald).