Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Group Break: 2011 Topps S1, S2, and Heritage

This would qualify as one of the larger posts.  Here, we will get through a bunch of Topps packs, including those from a Value Pack.  All together, there are

Series 1: 7 Retail, 1 Rack
Series 2: 4 Retail, 1 Hobby, 1 Rack, 2 Dollar Tree
Heritage: 3 Hobby, 2 Retail
plus the one special Value Pack refractor.

A sampling of the base cards

There were two keepers for me:

which means more nice Braves for Derek.

The specail Value Pack refractor is:

Very nice Babefractor
Onward to Heritage:

The new totals for the break:

That massive load of cards bumps up several teams into the 50-card club.  The Blue Jays picked up an insert and a parallel to leave the D'Backs as the only team without an insert.  We're over 1500 cards now (I'm guessing we're a little past halfway?). The Yanks are over 100 cards.  I told you they'd be worth the price.

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Josh D. said...

Good thing the Royals were the cheapest team. :-) Sheesh - they're even lower than the Nats!