Thursday, November 17, 2011

Some New Hokies for a Thursday Night Game

In honor of VT's game against UNC tonight, I want to show of some recent Hokie pickups.  The first two came from eBay:

Thanks to Ryan Williams' preseason injury, his cards are going relatively cheap.  This Topps Prime jumbo jersey is numbered to 318.

Next to Bryan Randall and Eddie Royal, Jeff King is probably my third-favorite Hokie of all-time.  He was a first down machine for us before moving on to the NFL.  I love on-card autos, epecially of Hokies in their VT attire. 

The next two additions came courtesy of Dennis from Too Many Verlandersons...or whatever he is calling it these days.  I sent him an Austin Jackson Mini-Relic from Lineage, and he sent me these:

2005 Topps Finest Lee Suggs Blue Xfractor #093/150
2008 Playoff National Treasures Xavier Adibi Autograph #26/99
Xavier has a pretty nice auto, and I've been looking to pick one up for a while now.  My Hokie auto collection is looking pretty good now.  Thanks, Dennis!

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