Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Group Break: 2010 Topps Chrome and family

...Let's start with the "and family".  First, a pack of 2007 Topps Chrome:

Mr. Cantu is a refractor.
and a pack of 2009 Topps Chrome:

ooOOooOOhh...gotta love blue refractors, especially for blue teams. #088/199
The meat of this post, though, is a blaster of 2010 Topps Chrome. There were 26 Base cards:

3 Refractors:

and 3 Xfractors:

In keeping with the theme of 2010 Chrome, these cards are curled like a motherf***er. I should have opened these last because they are making my team-sorting a pain in the ass.

Since were here, how about a few more random packs:

2011 Lineage Rack Pack:

2011 Allen and Ginter Retail Pack:

A nice code parallel for the Cardinals
2010 Topps 206 Retail Pack:

The spreadsheet:

A number of teams are closing in on the 50-card mark, though the Nats are still chilling in the 20s.

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