Monday, November 7, 2011

Group Break: 2010 Upper Deck and family

For 2010 UD, I picked up one blaster of 10 packs of 8 cards, as well as 2 retail packs of 18 cards.  Those yielded a grand total of 85 regular player base cards,

a handful of rookies,

and 5 each of my two favorite parts of the set: the Team Checklists and the Ballparks,

The most common inserts were the Biography cards:

followed by the somewhat bland Portraits cards:

Other inserts:

A poorly-scanned Supreme Jason Bay, a sick Verlander die cut that will go in my PC (Derek, I will be letting you know soon what I'll be replacing this and others with.  You will not be dissappointed), and a spectacular Timberlake/Diaz Celebrity Predictors card that I know you all want. 

The big hit of the blaster is a guaranteed jersey card:

That's Miggy jersey #2 of the break after the one in 2009 Spectrum

As for the grandparents part of this post, we'll start with 2 16-card retail packs of 2010's father, 2009 Upper Deck.

Papelbon is a Blue Uncommon and J-Roll is a Gold Rare. 

Now, let's go to 2010's great-grandfather, 2007 Upper Deck.  There were 3 retail packs of 8 cards, all base:

Jayson Werth looks odd with limited facial hair.

Now let's go waaaay back and visit 2010's great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather, 2002 Upper Deck, for one hobby pack of 8 cards.

I'm fairly certain this is the first 2002 UD I have ever seen. 

Not a bad pair of inserts to finish up with.

...and 6 more teams hit the 50 mark.

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