Friday, November 18, 2011

New Cards from the Dimwit

Sam sent me some cards for our most recent trade, and man, are they sweet.  He loaded me up with a ton of 2008 UD X cards that I needed, including 5 Die Cut Golds, which are hard to come by these days. He sent a bunch of Xponentials, but I only scanned a couple.  He also sent other set needs.

Of course, he also hit my PCs with some Justin Uptons and some fresh Chromies:

He then topped it off with a pair of sweet Ryan Zimmerman relics.  Between this trade and his last group break, my Zim collection has really taken off.

I love the glorious color-clashing on those two cards.

Thanks, Sam, as always!

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Matt Perry said...

That goober! I traded him those Zimmerman relics, lol. That's ok, I got a couple really nice Sox relics from him in return. I'm glad to see they went to someone who enjoys them. :)

Those UDX are nice too, I've always liked that set.