Monday, November 7, 2011

Group Break: Upper Deck Product Extravaganza

This is going to be good.  Here, we have a load of UD products from 2009. 

2 Blasters of 2009 A Piece of History (7 packs/5 cards)
1 Blaster 2009 Goudey (8 packs/8 cards)
5 9-card Retail Packs 2009 Goudey
2 5-card Retail Packs 2009 Goudey
10 Retail Packs of 2009 Goodwin Champions

We should see two guaranteed hits from the APOH blasters, and anything else is just gravy.

The 2 APOH blasters yielded 46 veteran/rookies

and 15 history cards

There was 1 UD 20th Anniversary insert

There were two red parallels

a red Red and a Verlander for my PC
The two inserts were pretty nice:

Both #/999.  The Johnson commemorates his perfect game.  The Phillies card is a rare 3-person card where the players are all still with the same team.
The D'backs insert means every team has at least 1 insert and 1 parallel, now.

Of course, you really just want to know what the big hits are:

Both of these cards honor homeruns by Sox-es, one white and  The Konerko is especially sweet with the pinstripe.

Moving on to the Goudey...and 100 base cards:

There were a few nice inserts in there:

The Ozzie and Pedroia are awesome.  The weird political card...not so much.

There were also half-a-dozen 4-in-1 cards:

That's one each for the Twins, Red Sox Yankees, and Indians, with two leftover to be randomed between the teams represented.

Two mini parallels fell out of the packs:

Very nice for the D'backs and Giants.

The same 5-card pack (that ironically only had 3 cards) that gave the Lincecum also yielded a big bonus:

Even Hanley is saying there should have been 5 cards in that pack.  But, Hanley, you must subtract your jersey number...thus leaving 3 cards. Duh.  Sweet bonus hit for the Marlins.

Now for the 2009 Goodwin Champions packs. 

18 base cards were baseball, 5 were not. As expected, there were some UD 20th Anniversary inserts, all sports-related this time:

The big draw of Goodwin is the one mini in each pack:

The Abe and Matt Ryan (yuck) will be randomed.  One pack also had a black mini:

The Goodwin packs also had a surprise in store:

I don't know anything about her, but that is a badass card.  A retail on-card auto like that is awesome.  This card will be randomed between all teams without a hit, once the break comes to an end.

BONUS TIME!!! I picked up a discounted 2008 Masterpieces blaster this weekend to add to the fun.

I already have that Verlander in my collection and my 2008 UDM set. As far as I am concerned, that is one of the most beautiful base cards ever made.  
One Short Print fell from the packs, going to the Pirates:

There were a couple of Yankee Stadium Legacy cards, but I didn't scan them because I'm sure everyone but Derek are sick of seeing Yankees.

There was no hit in the blaster, but there was a nice parallel:

Blue Frame #/125
That's a nice card for the White Sox.

That does it for the Upper Deck extravaganza.  Here is the updated spreadsheet:

As we near the 2000-card mark, the number of sub-50 teams drops to 2.  The Red Sox join the Yankees in the 100-card club.


Josh D. said...

What will be the protocol for distributing the non-hit non-baseball cards?

Asked another way, How do I get my greedy paws on the Abe Lincoln mini? :-)

Play at the Plate said...

A Blinkin' mini! I'm sending some mojo your way to hit my name on the randomizer for that one!