Monday, November 14, 2011

Group Break: 2009 Topps Update

Ok, so we are in the home stretch.  I have all of the cards unpacked and sorted.  With the exception of this post, we'll mostly be finishing up with crappy videos.  You're welcome.  I'll hopefully have the rest of the cards posted in the next couple of days.  After that, I have to random the multi-team cards and non-team hits.  After that, I will be (likely) drafting out the remaining non-team cards.  Then, I can pack and ship.

Up now we have a big part of the break in 3 blasters of 2009 Topps Update.  These sat at the local K-Mart for a long time before I picked them up with a nice discount.  We'll be looking at roughly 240 cards, as well as three Commemorative Patches.

As usual, some base cards:

including several All-Stars and Homerun Derbyists.

There were three keepers for me:

I'm really not sure how I never came across these three Wrights before.  It's rare that I am missing base Topps cards these days.

Of course, there was a ToppsTown card in each pack:

The collation on these sucked.  There were a ton of dupes and a few trupes (?). Anyway, some of them were of the Gold persuasion:

There were two Gold Martins, but I didn't feel the need to add an extra row to the scanner.
Next up, the Turkey Reds:

followed by my favorite inserts, the Propaganda Posters:

We beat the odds and got 7 Gold base parallels #/2009:

Each box had one Legends of the Game (Updates) card:

Wade Boggs always looks so weird as a Devil Ray.

Now for the big draw: the Patches.  I will show these in the order of awesome.

It's a good sign when #3 is Bob Gibson.  The reason this is #3 is because the colors are hard to distinguish. This was the rare occasion where the scan is easier to read than in person.

  The colors on this one, however, explode off the patch.  Very nice.  This would have been a good #1, but there's no denying the top dog:

The Mick and the Yanks win again. 

The updated spreadsheet:

And the Nats finally hit 50!!!

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