Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Group Break 1999 Finest

I have ripped a number of 1999 Finest packs on several different occasions, so I figured I'd open some for the break. 

In all, there were 6 packs of 6 cards.

I've left them unpeeled for you.  Some of the special base cards are "Gems"

and "Sensations"

There was one "Sensations" refractor, though it definitely wasn't one of the better ones.  It scans a hell of a lot better than the base version, though.

There was one really cool insert

In case you aren't familiar, these Split Screen cards have players on either side, and only one side is refractive.  In this case, the Big Cat is the refractor side.  Those are some big thighs. A while back, I got the McGwire/Sosa Split Screen, with McGwire as the refractor, which seemed fitting.

I save the "Rookies" base cards for last because one of them was really cool:

It's cool that both of these guys are still doing their thing, but that Halladay is awesome for so many reasons.  Great card for the Jays.

Da Spreddsheeyt


dawgbones said...

Wow, a Phuture and a Phormer Phillie!! Too cool!

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