Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Group Break: 2009 Upper Deck Spectrum

Time for some hits! Three blasters of 2009 Upper Deck Spectrum means three guaranteed jersey cards.  The blasters were baby-blasters with 4 packs of 5 cards each. 

The base cards are purple:

and feature several players with pictures that don't match their teams...I'd like to take this moment to clarify that the cards will go to the team NAMED on the card, not the picture. You probably figured that, anyway.  I did get a Zimmerman I needed:

Which means Derek will be getting another nice Braves card. Each box yielded one blue parallel:

When I opened a blaster a while back, I also pulled a JD Drew blue.  Questionable parallel collation by Upper Deck.  Anyway, there were also some UD 20th Anniversary inserts:

I would like to propose that these go to Sam (The Daily Dimwit) since he is collecting the set. Let me know if you are opposed to that idea, and I'll random them off.

Of course, you came here for the hits:

The Tigers get the first jersey card!

Followed by the Mets!

The D'Backs get the Unit!
That's a pretty good set of swatches if I do say so myself.

The spreadsheet:


Robert said...

No problems with the 20th anniversary going to Sam from here..

Derek said...

Can you send me a list of my teams to my email?

dawgbones said...

I second the nomination for Sam.

Play at the Plate said...

Give 'em to Sam.

Play at the Plate said...

Is it any wonder non Yankees/Red Sox fans hate those teams? Combined, they represent 13.5% of all cards, 24.2% of all parallels and 28.4% of all inserts in the break so far.

I wish I was one of those guys who doesn't care about ripping packs and could just limit myself to buying singles of my team. It would be so much cheaper. Alas, I love to rip packs!

Thanks for doing the break!!!