Monday, December 20, 2010

And the winner is...

Congratulations to Mark at Mark's Ephemera

If you entered and do not see your name above, you didn't get them all right.  As for a recap of the questions and answers:

1) What famous sports card name did I come across in Hollywood Cemetery in July?
Lewis Ginter - This answer could be found in my very first post.  I'm considering an on-location pack break of 2011 A&G...but I am bit unsure if that would be breaking some kind of moral or ethical boundary. Any thoughts?

2) What two A&G Celestial Stars minis did I pull from rack packs this year?
Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder - These answers could be found here and here.  I traded the Pujols to Wicked Ortega for the David Wright CS, but I still have the Fielder if anyone is interested.

3) Who were the two subjects on the custom Masterpieces card Beardy made for me?
The Situation and David Wright - Check it out here. Definitely watch the video, because it is priceless.  If you haven't seen Beardy's 2010 Masterpieces collection, go check it out. Wicked Ortega called him "The Sitch"...I love it.

4) What was my 100th David Wright card?
2010 Topps Heritage All-Star SP - This answer was awfully difficult to find, since it was in a post titled, "100th David Wright Card". 

5) Who traded me my 100th Justin Verlander Card?
BA Benny - There were actually two correct answers to this.  Most people answered "BA Benny", though one fellow, BA Benny, answered "Me!". Both were accepted.  This was a slightly tricky question since it asked who traded it to me, not what card it was.  Sneaky, sneaky, sir.

6) What player was featured on the custom "Blacklist" card I made?
"Shoeless" Joe Jackson - This was found in my custom Charlie Hustle collection.  Of all those cards, I was actually happiest with the "Blacklist" insert idea. 

7) When is my birthday?
October 3 - This one was slightly tricky since I posted on October 2 that "tomorrow is my birthday".  I expected someone to reply October 2.  Yeah, I didn't fool anyone.

8) Who did I say Vic Power's 1956 Topps card looked like?
Benjamin Buford Blue, aka "Bubba" - It's sad that Bubba is now all I think about whenever I see Power. See the comparison here.

9) What are the three oldest cards I own?
1971 Topps Dick Such, 1971 Topps Elliott Maddox, 1973 Topps Phil Hennigan - These cards came in a trade that I posted about here.  The Hennigan is headed to BA Benny, since he will give it a nice Mets home where it can run around and play with other Mets.

10) What three teams did I go see Virginia Tech play this year?
James Madison (JMU), Central Michigan (CMU), and Florida State (FSU) - While I would love to forget about the JMU game, it did happen.  I am just glad we whooped up on FSU in the ACC Championship

Thanks for participating.  I should have a post coming soon with a look at what to expect in the next 100 posts.


Mark said...

Thank you, And thanks, Adam, for hosting a cool contest.

Spankee said...

I have all kinds of randomization tools and weighted randomization tools programmed in MATLAB, but I really didn't want people to call out my programming skills, so I went with the blogosphere standard

Captain Canuck said...

wow. I didn't even make the final six.... where my answers that bad???

Spankee said...

@ Captain Canuck - you had only half of #2 (Pujols, not Fielder) and left #6 and #8 blank. The 6 listed had all 10. Oh, and if you don't know who the Situation is, you are a very very lucky person.

BA Benny said...

Fun stuff. I just missed. Thanks for the contest. Does this mean if Mark cant't fufill his duties as the contest winner I get to step in?

Mark said...

@BA Benny,

It is possible that I might not be able to fulfill all of my duties as winner. I'm keen on the shiny National but the football doesn't do a lot for me, although I did like Tebow's style of play in college. Except when he was playing Univ. of Tenn.

Perhaps that card could make it your way.