Saturday, December 11, 2010

2009 UD Draft Edition Blaster

It's not exactly a complete college football Saturday today, but is is Army-Navy Game day, so I have some college cards.  I picked up another discount blaster from the Wal-Mart over by my parents' house.  This time, I picked up 2009 UD Draft Football because I am a sucker for college football cards.  I pulled an auto from this product a while back out of a single Dollar Tree pack, so I had high hopes for a blaster hit.  I didn't get a hit this time, however, which isn't too disappointing. Let's face it, I got an auto from the Dollar Tree, the card gods couldn't let me get a blaster hit as well. I did get some nice cards, and the blasters have a decent number of cards, too, so it was fun to open.

a couple of the highlights:

I like the look of these cards, and I like the layout of the set.  It has a good combination of college players, pro players and combo cards like the Crabtree/Welker card.  The Felix Jones card was the best of the box; it's a gold parallel numbered to 125.  That card has already been sent to Play at the Plate as part of his 2010 MLB Playoffs Contest prize package. 

That's it for college football this year, but I may have to get something in honor of the Orange Bowl on January 4, when VT takes on a tough Stanford team.

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