Thursday, July 29, 2010

Maybe just one more rack pack

I broke down and decided to buy one more 2010 Topps Allen & Ginter rack pack from Wal-Mart the other day.  It turns out I made a pretty good choice.  I got two rookies

I was happy to finally get the Heyward rookie.  It also didn't hurt that I got the Ryan Zimmerman This Day in History Card.  

I really like this TDIH card not only because it's of a Towny Townsend Guy, but because it's one of the few TDIH cards to have a close up of the player.  Too many of them have a full body shot of the players which amounts to a smaller picture than a mini.  That, and it kinda looks like he is staring down the newspaper guy.  I also really like that the event on the card is "The Siege of Yorktown Begins" because I live just a few minutes from Yorktown.  I was pretty happy already with getting a Heyward and  Zim TDIH, but was ecstatic when I pulled out the mini...

Yes, that's right, I pulled a Pujols Celestial Stars from a Wal-Mart rack pack.  That's probably the best individual pack pull I have had since my 2008 Stadium Club Evan Longoria Auto.  The horoscope on the back of the card suggests "Albert will experience a deep sense of satisfaction for [his] achievements in 2010."  Perhaps a World Series MVP in the future?

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